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Business Litigation Lawyer Philadelphia

Whether you are a small business owner or a massive corporation, your business entity must adhere to the vast body of business-related laws and regulations, not only in Pennsylvania, but also, depending on your business practices, at the federal level as well. Therefore, it would behoove you to seek out the expertise of a Business Law Attorney to assist you as you manage your business.

Business law is complex, and can create some difficulty for a business owner beyond the anticipated intricacies of operating a business. Right from the business’s origin, you must consider the law with regards to of the appropriate formation of the business. From there, your day to day actions involving employees, contracts, and the like will all be governed in large part by certain legalities. Even if you do take this all into account, and act accordingly, oftentimes Business Litigation is an unavoidable consequence of entering the business world.

The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. are eager to assist you in legally maintaining and protecting your business. Whether you are just starting out or are anticipating litigious action, we can help you.

Business Formation

Among the first steps and most important decisions you must make concerning your business is entity selection. This refers to determining the classification of your business. You will make this decision based on the benefits and liabilities conveyed by each type and which one best services your business. There are many options available, including: limited liability company (LLC), limited liability partnership (LLP), S corporation, nonprofit, and others. A business lawyer will help you to determine which entity is best for you.

How an Attorney Can Aid Your Business

An attorney can help you throughout the course of running your business. The retention of a business law attorney can help you to avoid costly problems in the following areas:

Both your short-term and long-term goals will be aided and protected by utilizing the skills of a seasoned Business Law Attorney.

Philadelphia Business Litigation Lawyer

The world of business is fiercely competitive, and this often leads to a variety of disputes – both internally and externally. These disputes can be costly and dangerous to your business’ financial future. A knowledgeable business law attorney is invaluable in resolving business related disputes, and may, in fact, ultimately save you both time and money.

All types of businesses are vulnerable to potential Business Litigation problems. A lawyer can assist you in a wide range of potential Business Litigation issues, including:

  • Partnership disputes
  • Business contract disputes
  • Shareholder agreement disputes
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Corporate dissolutions

These issues will arise, typically, when another party to your business or business transaction engages in activity which denies you your contracted interest. Examples of this include a partner denying you access to records and documents, your being denied appropriate distributions, or a party not adhering to contracted stipulations. These issues may require an attorney to litigate the matter on your behalf.

Court Alternatives

Though litigation is sometimes unavoidable, usually this is not the case. Often the best outcome for both parties can be decided outside of the court room. A compromise may be acceptable for all involved, and is likely to save both parties significant attorney expenses. Employing Alternative Dispute Resolution, such as arbitration or mediation, may be a viable option, and is certainly one you should consider in most situations.

Regardless of which route you decide, an attorney can help you to determine the best course of action for your business needs, and help you to secure the best resolution possible.

Philadelphia Business Litigation Lawyer

The Business world is often complicated and adversarial in nature, but even though many of the skills you learn in business may be applicable to the court room, this does not mean you should attempt to represent yourself. You may know exactly how you wish to proceed, but the best business decision you can make today is to retain counsel for your legal needs.

The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. will work with you to represent your business’s legal interests. We will take the time to understand your thoughts and process, and then advise you on how we believe you should proceed. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

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