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Attorneys Serving Car Accident Victims In Philadelphia

Greg Prosmushkin, PC lawyers have handled thousands of claims brought on behalf of injured victims as a result of Car Accidents. At GPPC, we understand that victims of car accidents face a myriad of insurance issues which can be overwhelming, confusing and costly. Our experienced lawyers and staff can help alleviate the stress and financial strain that comes with anyone seriously injured in  car accident. Our team is ready willing and available for a free consultation at any time. We are aggressive and experienced Attorney’s who know the Motor Vehicle Laws and all applicable insurance issues that may pertain to your case.

What if the person at fault didn’t have insurance or didn’t have enough insurance to compensate me for the damage they caused?

At Greg Prosmushkin, PC, our lawyers and staff have specialized knowledge and over 20 years of true claims experience in handling cases where the person who caused the accident was an Uninsured Motorist or where the person at fault did not have enough insurance (under-insured motorist). These types of cases usually involve:

  • Persons who were not authorized to operate the motor vehicle at fault.
  • Persons who were operating a stolen car.
  • Persons who were operating a car without insurance coverage.
  • Persons who were operating a car with too little insurance coverage.
  • Passengers of cars where there was no insurance coverage.
  • Persons who are at fault but ran from the scene without identification.

What if the person at fault says that you are the one at fault?

Our consultations are free. Call us and we will set up a no risk, completely free consultation to discuss the facts of your case. Many times, the person at fault, in order to avoid responsibility, will make a claim that your actions caused the accident. Over the years, we at Greg Prosmushkin PC have been able to successfully beat many claims from at fault drivers and recovered compensation for our clients.

Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney

Many clients do not understand their own insurance policies. Even if no insurance applies, our Attorneys have found ways in certain situation to make sure that the medical bills and other expenses are paid for. We actively do the following:

  • Perform asset checks on uninsured defendants.
  • Make application to any state funded recovery sources for uninsured victims.
  • Investigate denied insurance policies and review defects in active policies where insurance was denied.

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