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Lawyer for Dog Bite Injury in Philadelphia

Dog bites and attacks are very traumatic experiences to endure.  There are severe consequences that follow these unfortunate incidents, such as physical injury, loss of time from work, expensive medical bills, and emotional distress.  Our Dog Bite Attorneys have experience in dealing with these delicate cases. Hiring one of our lawyers can be very beneficial in helping you recover from the losses associated with the attack.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with these particular cases, and can be a valuable asset to clients seeking to get the maximum compensation for their dog bite or attack injuries. Our lawyers will discuss with you the necessary legal actions to take in order for you to get the compensation that you deserve.

Under Pennsylvania law, a dog owner is legally responsible for the behavior of his or her dog.  Negligence from the owner of the animal is usually the reason for the initial attack.  If the animal was not properly restrained, loose when the attack occurred, or if the owner knew the dog was prone to violence, then the owner should be held accountable for the event.  

Philadelphia Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Victims of dog bites or dog attacks often suffer very serious injuries. These bodily injuries can range from broken bones or facial injuries to permanent Physical Disfigurement. Dog bites often require immediate emergency room care, follow-up care, and, in severe cases, plastic surgery. These medical treatments can cost time and money. Victims may also suffer loss of time from work, as well as emotional damages.

Having a dedicated Dog Bite Lawyer on your case will drastically increase the chances of acquiring the compensation you deserve. Dog bite and dog attack cases are often time sensitive, and require clients to seek immediate legal services. The Attorneys at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. understand that victims are suffering, and will use their knowledge and experience to create a case that will achieve the best possible outcome.

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