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What Is an Estate Plan?

An estate plan consists of a variety of documents to prepare you, your family, and your estate for the uncertainties of the future. Some of the items which may be included in your estate plan are:

Estate Planning Lawyer Northeast Philadelphia

The Benefit an Estate Plan for Your Family

An Estate Plan protects your loved ones in the event of your passing. You can help secure your family’s financial future by determining who will inherit your property, and how much they will inherit. If you establish a trust, for further peace of mind, you can even determine how the money will be used. You can appoint a guardian for minor children in a will, so that you are prepared for the care of your children, should anything happen to you. Additionally, an estate plan can help your loved ones avoid a long, difficult, and costly probate through the courts.

The Benefit of an Estate Plan for You

An Estate Plan may be beneficial to you in a number of ways while you are living. Should you become incapacitated and unable to communicate or understand your financial or healthcare needs, you will need a guardian. By creating a financial and/or healthcare power of attorney, you can appoint in advance someone whom you trust to make decisions on your behalf should you no longer be able to do so for yourself. Additionally, a Living Will outlines the type of medical care you desire should you become incapacitated. Although these may be difficult topics to address, making your decisions now can help your family avoid making them later. So don’t delay, Contact The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. for a free consultation to discuss your needs.

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