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Immigration Criminal Defense Philadelphia Lawyer

Given the nature of the political climate, non-citizens living in the United States are under a microscope. Now more than ever, when a non-citizen makes a mistake or commits a crime the government is ready to take action. For a citizen, a criminal conviction can result in probation, fines, or jail time. But for a non-citizen, being convicted of a crime can result in removal from the United States. Being removed from the country not only affects the individual being convicted, but it also makes a serious impact on that person’s family.
Whether a non-citizen convicted of a crime faces deportation proceedings depends on the nature of the offense for which the individual was convicted. The government looks at whether the offense can be characterized as an aggravated felony, or a crime involving moral turpitude (CIMT). Analyzing this type of situation can be critical because these convictions can greatly change a non-citizen’s immigration status. It is important to remember that just because the Government is claiming an individual is removable, many times there strong defenses that must be argued that can potentially keep a non-citizen in the United States.

Philadelphia Criminal Defense Immigration Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, our experienced attorneys can provide both criminal defense, and Removal Defense. Many of our attorneys have been government workers in the past, and recognize the strategies the government will use, and the arguments they will make to win their case. If you are a non-citizen who is accused of, or has been convicted of a crime, the importance of finding a firm who can manage the individual’s criminal, and immigration matters cannot be overstated. Even if you’ve had friends or family tell you “it’s no big deal,” talking to an immigration lawyer is important because there are situations when even misdemeanors can be considered removable offenses. In a matter so complex and delicate, one wrong move could be the difference between staying in the United States, and being removed by the U.S. Government. If you, or a loved one is a non-citizen facing criminal consequences, please call the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin in Philadelphia at (215) 437-3058 to speak with one of our experienced Immigration Attorneys. We offer a free initial consultation, and would be happy to discuss the specifics of your case.

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