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Non-Citizen Drug Offense Lawyer

Though committing any crime is a serious matter, the United States Government takes drug crimes especially serious. In fact, the United States arrests, charges, and prosecutes more people for drug related crimes than any other country in the world. Dealing with a Drug Conviction can be difficult enough for a citizen of the United States, but for non-citizens, the problem is twofold. A non-citizen drug offender has to worry about the Criminal Penalties of his charge, as well as the immigration consequences, which can have a bigger impact than the criminal sentence imposed by the judge.

Misdemeanors and felonies alike can subject a person to Removal or Deportation. Although you may not have a “conviction” resulting from your municipal or state charge, you may nevertheless have a “conviction” for immigration purposes. Even if your record has been expunged, for immigration purposes you could still have a conviction on your federal record.

When your crime comes to the attention of the immigration authorities, you may be placed into removal proceedings. When a non-citizen is represented in criminal court, the non-citizen must remember that a seemingly “great” plea deal, may have serious immigration consequences. There are many factors to consider when a non-citizen is arrested on drug charges. For instance, it is important to analyze the actions of police officer, determine how the drugs were found, and where the drugs were found. Regardless of your status in this country, it is important to remember that being present in the United States gives you certain rights under the law, and the police must respect those rights.

In limited circumstances, a non-citizen drug offender can obtain a waiver for his drug offense. Eligibility for this waiver is fact specific, and is not available to all offenders.

Drug Offense Lawyer for Non-Citizens

Having an attorney who is well versed in criminal law and Immigration Law can be the difference between staying in the United States, and facing removal proceedings.

If you are not a U.S. Citizen, and you face criminal charges or have criminal convictions, our Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers can help you. Removal cases based on convictions are serious matters, and in them you should always be represented by an attorney.
Our Philadelphia Immigration Attorneys can advise you on the immigration consequences of any conviction or criminal charges lodged that may have been against you or a loved one. We can represent you and fight to help you attempt to avoid removal or deportation.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because you have your green card, you can’t be removed from the United States. Before signing any document or entering any kind of plea, contact our Philadelphia immigration attorneys online, or call 215-437-3058 (Philadelphia Immigration Lawyer) to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your situation.

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