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Non-Citizen Victims of Domestic Violence Philadelphia Lawyer

For victims of domestic violence who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents, the situation may seem grim. Rather than rely on an abusive spouse or partner, the United States Government allows these individuals to self-petition for a green-card. This piece of law known as VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) is a response to the nation’s ongoing problem with domestic violence. Sadly, there are instances where a spouse or partner uses an individual’s immigration status them in domestic disputes. Furthermore, there are individuals who have a fear of contacting law enforcement in cases of domestic disturbances because of their fear of immigration consequences. Essentially, VAWA levels the playing field and allows an abused spouse or partner to speak out against their abuser without fear of imminent immigration consequences. Obtaining a green-card can carry many benefits in the United States. Green-Card holders are granted permanent residency, can work in the United States, can sponsor relatives who wish to come to the United States, and most importantly, green-card holders can apply to become United States Citizens.

For those not eligible for VAWA, the U-Visa may be a viable option. The U-Visa is a special non-immigrant visa that grants protection to a victim of domestic abuse. To obtain a U-Visa the victim must have been a victim of severe physical or psychological abuse, and be willing to assist the federal government in the investigation and prosecution of such cases.

Philadelphia Non-Citizen Victims of Domestic Violence Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, our Immigration Legal Team will explore every appropriate avenue to ensure you get the representation you deserve. Whether through a Violence Against Women Petition, a U-Visa or some other avenue, it is important to remember that victims of domestic violence, regardless of immigration status, have options. Before you allow someone to use your immigration status as leverage against you, please call the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin in Philadelphia at (215) 437-3058 or in New Jersey at (609) 257-4976 to speak with one of our experienced attorneys. We offer a free initial consultation, and would be happy to discuss the specifics of your case.

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