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Philadelphia Tax Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

Even though it has been nearly ten years since the bubble burst, the effects of the housing market collapse are far from forgotten. Every day, hundreds of homeowners in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are forced to face the fear of a bank or a government entity repossessing their home. If you get served with a notice of a foreclosure or a notice of sheriff or tax sale, you should immediately take the paperwork to an attorney.

Just because a bank or a government entity filed a lawsuit to foreclose on your property does not mean that you automatically forfeit your right to your property. There are always options. For example: if you have fallen behind on your mortgage, you can attempt to modify your mortgage to a more manageable rate. If the local tax bureau tries to foreclose for unpaid taxes, you can always attempt to work out a payment plan. While these options may sound simple, there is one thing you must remember; once a lawsuit is filed against you, time is your enemy. If you are the subject of a Foreclosure Lawsuit and could lose your house to a sheriff’s sale or tax sale, call the litigation team at the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin immediately.

Many of you might ask, “I’m behind on my mortgage or my taxes, how will hiring a lawyer help me?” Simple. Your property rights are one of the oldest and most sacred rights an individual in this country has. Therefore, in order to deprive a person of their property rights, the law requires that the parties attempting to deprive you of that right follow strict notice requirements. Basically, if they fail to follow the rules, you have grounds to fight back.

Tax Foreclosure Philadelphia Defense Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, our attorneys are trained to catch mistakes. For example, where financial institutions seek to foreclose on your property for failure to pay the mortgage, they must comply with certain statutory notice requirements known as Act 6 and Act 91, when applicable. Additionally, if the county tax bureau attempts to sell your property at a tax sale, they are required to account for all the steps they took in notifying you of the tax sale. These rules, like all rules, must be followed. When they are not, injustice results and due process rights are violated. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin know what needs to be done to protect your property rights.

Even if your options are limited, there is hope. Assuming the bank did everything right and in accordance with the rules, a lawyer can still help you control the timeline of events. A great example is something called a “Deed in lieu of foreclosure.” A deed in lieu is a mechanism used to avoid the uncertainly of foreclosures when you have limited defenses left. Instead of wondering when you could lose your property, with the help of an attorney, you can control the timeline and make all necessary arrangements.

If you are facing a situation where your home is at stake, make an appointment today. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin will sit with you and discuss all your options. Your property rights matter, don’t let them fade away without exploring any and all possibilities.

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