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Accidents Lawyer Philadelphia

Accidents occur almost every second of every day in this country. The difference between them is only the type of accident that they are a victim of. There are Car Accidents, Work Accidents, accidents caused by Defective Products, Fall Accidents, Slipping Accidents, chemical accidents and a myriad of others. What do all of these different types of accidents have in common? They all involve injuries. Seeking a lawyer or law firm for your accident case should be easy. There are thousands of lawyers in the tri-state area. However, not every lawyer or law firm is created equal. At the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, we handle all types of accident cases involving injuries. What separate’s Greg Prosmushkin, PC and the rest is our attorneys and staffs’ knowledge of injuries and how injuries can affect your life. This is what the recovery for pain and suffering is all about. If you or a loved one were involved in an Accident, call the office for a completely free evaluation and consultation.

Philadelphia Accidents Lawyer

What types of accidents are the most prevalent in the tri state area?

Without a doubt, Car Accidents are the most prevalent. Hiring a lawyer or law firm when involved in a Car Accident with injuries is very important. There are several reasons for this. First, you do not get tricked into providing evidence or going “on the record” with matters and statements that actually hurt your case. Insurance representatives will not seek to obtain your statement when you are represented. In addition, when you are not represented, insurance companies like to make unrealistically low offers and bully you into taking them. Last, hiring a good lawyer will help you achieve the very best settlement possible. At the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, PC our attorneys are very familiar with the value of your case. Low offers are overwhelming rejected if we represent you.

Slip and fall/Trip and Fall Accidents are also among the largest type of claims being made.

There are many issues in a trip and fall/Slip and fall type accident. The evidence is different than a car accident in that there are many more cases where comparative negligence applies. In addition, there are notice issues when seeking recovery for a slip and fall. The main issue is why the person couldn’t avoid the issue that caused them to fall or did the store have any notice of this hazard. At the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, PC, our attorneys and staff have seen notice issues in hundreds of files. We are able to combat them based upon our copious interview process and knowledge of the law. Call the office if you have a question or want to run your situation by us. The consultation is always free.

Medical Malpractice or Professional malpractice involve Accidents also

Anything that causes an injury comes under the heading accident case. Malpractice involves a professional, like doctor, lawyer, and dentist. Other injuries can involve workers compensation (injury based) and 3rd party at the same time. For example, you are a driver and on Saturday you are working for the company and you are at the mall doing a job.

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