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Loss of Limb Lawyer Philadelphia

There is a jury instruction by the judge that a loss of well being is like losing a limb. While this may be true, actually losing a limb can be considerably worse. A person that loses a foot, arm, hand or the like will suffer phantom pain. That is the pain that your brain tells you that you are having as if you still had the limb. On average there are 30,000 traumatic amputations occurring in the U.S.on a yearly basis.

Here is a short list of the types of trauma that can result in an amputation or loss of limb:

Children are at great risk for amputation should they not be supervised well. In fact, there are many children who lose their limb(s) from farm equipment and lawn equipment. If you or a loved one lost a limb in an accident, contact the law offices of Greg Prosmushkin, PC. Our attorneys and staff can assist you with your claim and get you the compensation that you deserve. The consultation is always free and we guarantee that if we do not get you compensation, your representation is absolutely free.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to contact an attorney to assist you with your claim:

  • Initially, and in most cases, there is a great need to preserve the product that caused the amputation.
  • An attorney can recover your medical bills associated with the case
  • An attorney can recover compensation for you for the past pain and suffering you sustained
  • An attorney can recover future pain and suffering that you will endure for the rest of your life
  • An attorney can recover damages for lost wages
  • An attorney can recover damages for future lost wages or earning capacity
  • An attorney can recover damages for all mental anguish that you suffered both in the past and what is reasonable for the rest of your life
  • An attorney can, in some cases, recover damages for clinical depression or mental disease which you may develop during the pendency of the case and for the rest of your life.
  • An attorney can recover for loss of life’s pleasures and quality of life.

Philadelphia Loss Of Limb Lawyer

Losing a limb as a result of a Defective Machine or because of someone else’s negligence can ruin a marriage; affect your familial relationships, your income, and activities. In short, the loss of a limb can have a devastating effect on you, your wife, if married, and your children. At the law offices of Greg Prosmushkin, PC, our staff and attorneys are sympathetic to your issues. We have empathy for all our clients who have had such a sharp change in their lifestyle.

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